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About Us

Our mission is to help you create a better travel experience in Kenya. .


This is all about us!

Hi! We’re Mint Safari!

Hello! My name is Brigitta and I am a travel addict. My family and I love going on road-trips and we try to travel often – though I can tell you it is never enough. At the end of the trip, we’re usually already planning the next one!


When we started travelling as a family, we mainly stayed at the big hotels. We queued at endless buffet lines, squeezed our way through over-crowded beaches during Christmas and even booked one of those holidays where you are on a fixed itinerary with a number of friendly strangers. It wasn’t always the best holiday, and many times we came back home stressed and feeling ripped off. But we didn’t know any better. After several disappointing trips, all we wanted was a decent holiday. So we put some effort into figuring out where to go and discovered that, across Kenya, there are a number of small, uncommon hotels and lodges, that you rarely hear about. Our first proper holiday was to Kiangazi House in Naivasha, and that experience changed our local travels forever.


uncommon places

So, after several amazing experiences in places like Kiangazi House, Mint Safari was created to help fellow local travellers create better travel experiences. We want to help you upgrade your local travel by taking you to Kenya’s uncommon hotels, lodges and villas. We call them ‘Mint Destinations’ because they are perfect little gems, in perfectly mint condition. And yes, they are within your reach!

Personalized service

The thing about these uncommon places, is that they take your holiday experience very personally. The staff will know you by name even before you check-in, they know what you’d like to do [or not do] while on holiday, they take care of your kids as their own, and they make you feel like a family member who’s returned home from a long trip. There’s nothing commercial or hotel-ey about them. And that’s what you deserve on holiday. Personal service.

our service

We will tailor an experience to match your travel needs. You are not just another booking, and we are not selling you a package that has been sold to hundreds of other travellers. We care about your entire experience, and the little details that matter to you, matter to us. Let us do all the leg work to help you tailor your own adventure at some of Kenya’s most amazing destinations! Once you experience a Mint destination, there is no other way to travel.