Changing Local Travel in Kenya

The middle class Kenyan will take a holiday at least twice a year; during the Easter break and at Christmas. There will also be the occasional weekend getaway to celebrate a perfectly timed public holiday, a birthday treat or an emotionally solicited valentine’s day retreat. Kenya is endowed with pristine beaches, parks teeming with wildlife and landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. These are complimented by an array of hotels, lodges, tented camps and holiday villas that cater to the needs of all travellers, from the most basic to the most discerning.

Yet, more often than not, the vast majority of us find ourselves reliving the same holiday experience time and time again. Christmas will be spent in an all-inclusive resort with boxed wine and watered down keg beer, re-purposed buffet meals and a seemingly endless wait for eggs at breakfast. Weekend getaways will only take you as far as Nakuru, to the same concrete jungles where you park your car and then go on to hang around the hotel, ,people watching with nothing much to do.

Travel Mint Safari was created out of the realization that in spite of the maturity of Kenya’s travel industry, we kept going to the same places, doing the same things (or not), having the same experience. Ask a handful of road-trippers where they stay while in Naivasha, and the same places along a short strip of tarmac will be mentioned. Granted, these places have earned their keep, but it’s also likely that many of us suffer from an inadvertent ignorance about what else is available to us. Or, the marketing we have been exposed to has created a perception about premium locations and out-of-the-ordinary places being a preserve of the uber rich and foreign travellers.

We want to change that narrative. We want to showcase the best that Kenya has to offer. Boutique hotels, luxury tented camps, and lodges in mint condition, with world-class service and incredible value for money. Uncommon places that you will not typically see in mainstream travel marketing- at least not the kind that targets local tourism. Places you may not even know exist, like the one on the featured image- Elsa’s Kopje in Meru.

Why? Because we need to see more locals visiting these places. Because it’s our country, we deserve to enjoy the best it has to offer and we need to play a more prominent role in our tourism. Because we want to demonstrate that a different type of experience does not need to leave you broke. That, while we support all levels of tourism, you can get so much more value for your money beyond a double bed, winding buffet stations and service that leaves a lot to be desired.

So, for your next travel adventure, try a Mint Destination. You will be pleasantly surprised and your perceptions and expectations of travelling locally will forever be changed.


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